kitty_empire (kitty_empire) wrote in ourkittyempire,

Then Fyora came to bug me for a quest to find her Green Garden Shed, which put me out 8,000np from the 14,000np I had earned thus far from playing games....

BUT!!!!!!!!!! THIS was the main event of the day! I dipped into my savings to buy the three remaining pieces of the original treasure map......(17800 x 2 + 18900np=54,500np)

It just looks SO cool together like this....

And then I took a deep breath before pushing the button........and.......I wasn't disappointed!!!!

Okay, so maybe I was a little disappointed I didn't get a paintbrush, but that's okay :D I gained a sort of satisfaction from just collecting all the pieces and putting it together, and being rewarded for it :D

And shortly after, HEY! I made some back...again! Nice Pawkeet, nice boy!
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